Solutions Portfolio

From SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013, I have experience administering and managing small to large farms. Architecting and developing custom solutions, and utilizing PowerShell for automation whenever possible. I also have experience with WordPress, and teaching technical courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels.  Below is a listing of some of the projects I have worked on over the years.  To read more details about courses I have designed and taught please see:

March 2016

  • Build out internal WordPress development environment mirroring

January 2016

  • Lead design and development efforts for new Stoneridge Intranet site. Utilizing SharePoint 2013, SharePoint REST services, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, out of the box SharePoint Web Parts and User Profile Services. jQuery Plugins for local weather, image carousel.

November 2015

  • Lead design and development efforts to develop 50th Anniversary site for Stoneridge, Inc.  Technologies used include SharePoint 2010, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, out of the box SharePoint Web Parts.

August 2015

October 2014

  • Present Implementing SharePoint Governance (w/PowerShell) at Pittsburgh Area SharePoint User Group

July 2013 – Present

January 2011

  • The Bronx 3-D – modified Twenty Ten Theme to incorporate additional CSS styling around WordPress Loop.
  • AutoBlogger Plugin – The WordPress AutoBlogger Plugin allows you to automate the creation of new posts on your WordPress blog.  Posts can be scheduled to run on an hourly basis.  These schedule posts can be set to randomize their posting so that the post appear to a more natural times, rather than at 1:00 PM every Thursday. The AutoBlogger plugin utilized keyword campaigns to query among four different content sources.  These content sources include Yahoo News, Yahoo Answers, YouTube Vidoes, and Ezine Articles.  Furthermore, campaigns can be configured to  randomly pull from more than one content source.  In other words your first post can come from Yahoo Answers, and your second and third post might come from YoutTube, or Ezine.

December 2010

November 2010

  • PingBack Power  WordPress Plugin- The PingBack Power plugin , allows for the management or harvesting of WordPress PingBacks in the following ways:
    • Displays all Comments categorized as pingbacks.
    • Manual delete options for individual pingbacks and all pingbacks.
    • Exportable (downloadable) reports of pingbacks in CVS and Text formats.
    • Scheduling assistant for automating email and deletion of pingbacks.  Scheduling options include:
      • Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.
      • Time of Day.
      • User specified quantity of pingbacks or all pingbacks.
      • Email address for sending harvested (& deleted) pingbacks to.

October 2010

  • User Referral & Tracking Plugin – Developed Custom WordPress Plugin where General Development Requirements:
    • Has to work with latest WP version.
    • No external scripts or backend services.
    • No licensed software, everything must be newly developed.
    • The plugin must work with themes like: Wuu, thesis, wordpressppc, socrates and headway.
    • Within the admin panel, the plugin will display a unique validation URL. The validation URL is then sent to the visting user after they complete the desired action.
    • After a site user has successfully referred a new visitor, they will receive an email notifying them.  The user will also receive an email notifying them when they have successfully referred a predeterrmined number of visitors.
    • Site Users will be able to see a dashboard that includes the following information:A unique referral/validation URL.;Necessary Signups;Unique Visitors; Completed Signups;Every column in the view is sortable.
    • Admin user’s will see a dashboard similar to the following UI element.

September 2010

  • Fusion Gaming – Customized Twenty Ten Theme

August 2o10

  • Revenue Partner – Complete multiple WordPress project including, WordPress MultiUser (WPMU), MySQL, and PHP development and administration tasks.
  • Sales Lead Reporting WordPress Plugin – The Sales Leads Reporting Plugin, builds a report that aggregates sales data from a number of database tables to display a report (see screen shot) for a given month, or time span.  The user is able to select the start and end date for each report from the embedded calenders.   This reporting functionality is only available within the WordPress admin protected area.  Developed for Orbit Design

July 2010

  • WordPress Community Calendar Plugin –  The Community Calendar plugin is an extension of Kieran Oshea’s calendar plugin. This extension includes the following features:
    • The Site Administrator has the ability to allow (approve) and deny a requested user’s access. (This feature is optional, and may be useful in a scenario where your site allows anyone to register, but you want to restrict the ability of managing events to select individuals.
    • A new ShortCode has been added to allow for the listing of events by month. This ShortCode also allows for paging through upcoming months of event listings. To use this ShortCode, insert the following text into the body of a page: [ CALENDARMONTHLIST ]
    • A second ShortCode that allows for the listing of events. The ShortCode also accepts an argument indicating the number of days in advance to list events. Listed Events are click-able. Clicking and event will result in the current page displaying an Event’s detailed Information. An Example can be seen here.To use the ShortCode, simply add the following text to the body of any WordPress page: [ CALENDARLIST days=”60″ ] Where, days is the number of days into the future that you would like to display events for.
    • The following information fields have been added to a Calendar Event: End Time, Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code.
    • New location fields provide for linking events to the Google MAPS API.
    • The optional link field has been removed. User’s can still add links to events through the description, however all events listed in the traditional calendar, widgets, and new lists will link to the event details page. (see #7 for more details).
    • A custom PHP file has been added to the plugin for the purposes of displaying event details through the use of WordPress query variables. This file is named, “eventdetails.php”, and can be found in calendar plugin folder.
    • All pre-existing functionality continues to work. These features have been detailed on Kieran’s Calendar Plugin FAQ can be found here.

August 2009

October 2008

  • XInteract – (Project Start 2004) Serve as Project Manager & Systems Administrator for grant work funded by Buhl Foundation.

August 2008

January 2007

  • Passive Residential Network Reconnaissance Tool to increase Allegheny College Information Security efforts (RESWATCH) –  Allegheny College, Residential Network Watch Tool: Description: Developed in conjunction with CMU MSIT courses in Information Security.  This site and system provides passive network reconnaissance and visualization for College IT staff.; Operating Systems: Gentoo Linux, MS Windows Server 2003; Web Server System: Apache; Programming Languages: PHP, Perl, HTML, BASH; Database System: MySQL, FoxPro; Other Supporting Technologies:    Packeteer Shaper (for Network Monitoring and Adaptive Response Agents), PROFTPD, Trend Micro Anti Virus Server

September 2003

  • Re-engineer VB.NET for Office applications to optimized database integration. Included SQL Profile Analyzer, MS SQL 2000, and Visual Studio.

May 2002

  • X Window System Teaching Assistant (XTA) – X Window System based interactive teaching tool for linux labs. The XTA was a prototype for XInteract.  Developed as part of Research Thesis – Allegheny College.  The X Window Teaching Assistant (Xta) was developed as a prototype for what was later implemented as the Fly’s Eyes component of XInteract.  The Xta is designed to allow an instructor the ability to view, share, message, and lock student desktops within a computer classroom environment. System Specifications: Operating Systems: Linux;Programming Tools: X Window System, VNC; Programming Languages: C

August 2001

  • Developed suite of C-Shell scripts to automate backups and tape management for production server environment at Allegheny College.